C O N C E S S I O N N A I R E     E X C L U S I F

New Hyper Car with 100% Italian blood


The V10-powered, 800 HP Pambufetti, built in Trevi, not far from Rome, takes its aerodynamic design from modern Formula One single-seaters. Breathing without a turbochatger, and no intrusive electronics, her essence is simply different : ultra-light, secretive, inventive, this automobile goes to very heart of automotive pleasure; she was created to provide direct and perfect harmony between her and the driver.


For the first time, the fascinating and indescribably unparalleled, feeling of driving a single-seater of our time, with extreme performance... on the road.

The advanced aerodynamics are closely inspired by Formula 1, and so efficient that it offers a huge downforce without a rear wing.


Installed like a racing driver, your fingers control the featherweight sequential gearbox, gears change ten times faster than the blink of an eye. The interior design combines lightness, ergonomics  and refinement, it is customizable in all respects.

Each of the twenty-five cars to come will be adapted to the preferences of the customer. Each Pambuffetti Hypercar will therefore be specific and ‘’one of one’’ : a totally unique  personal driving experience.


C O N C E S S I O N N A I R E     E X C L U S I F