Zonda and Zonda Roadster : a success statement.

How much should one invest in a 220 mph super-car ?

Before answering this question, several key factors have to be considered : technological superiority, reliability of construction, long-term perspectives for the manufacturer itself - and of course the unmatched pleasure and excitement that only legendary cars and thoroughbreds can offer...

When you consider ordering a Zonda C12S, Zonda F or Zonda Roadster from PAGANI, you easily find out that all elements concur to confirm that you are making the right decision : the Mercedes/AMG engine, beyond all your expectations for performance, reliability and longevity, the leading-edge design and conception, the perfect crafmanship in the fabrication, every parameter demonstrate that the Zonda is definitely part of the automotive legend. 

In addition, the extremely limited quantities of cars that Pagani builds every year - no more than fifteen - , in order to preserve the highest quality, makes a Zonda a most rare automobile that is very likely to maintain or even increase its value in the future.

The Pagani Zonda, very far from show-cars and prototypes that never hit the road, has actually been in production for more than five years, with some significant technological improvements since its introduction. Backed by Modena Design, a business specialising in high-tech composite materials, Automobili Pagani is a well-managed, and financially healthy Company, that is here to stay.

Research and development have already given birth to two generations of the C12 S, with the "7.3" version presented in March 2002 achieving even higher performance, and always built to order for each client.

The specialised British and international Press have unanimously acclaimed Horacio Pagani and its Company as the new big player in the supercar world.

With the presentation of the new Zonda S Roadster (March 4, 2003, Geneva), and of the ultimate Zonda F (Geneva 2005), Pagani has set a new standard of perfection for open cars: is 220 mph in a cabriolet reasonable ? Not for everybody of course.

The Geneva and Paris car Shows have gained considerable worldwide audience to the Zonda (read French press comments). Eight distributors are already taking orders, amongst which AUTODROME-Cannes was the first ever appointed by Pagani ; and the first cars have now been on the road for five years.

This is why the privileged ones who can invest this kind of money to satisfy their passions don't have any hesitation about buying one of the superlative Pagani Zondas. When making their first deposit to confirm their order, they enter into the small circle of clients and friends of Horacio Pagani, a man who is considered by many as the new legendary Sports Cars manufacturer in the history. 

All things considered, the amount of money that is requested is reasonable, and proportionate to the sheer sum of engineering, research, competencies, hi-tech material, craftmanship and passion that are among the essential ingredients of the Zonda.

(Delivery is currently expected within 12-14 months after the order is placed.)

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