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1995   FERRARI 512 M
  * Very rare, Total 501 Cars (385  LHD European Specs.)
  * Last Ferrai 12 Cylinder mid-engine (except SuperCars)
  *  22.600 km.
€ 225.000
1960     ASTON MARTIN DB4 Serie 2
  * Only two owners from new.Delivered new in France
  * Very rare Serie 2, Original L.h.d.
  *  Excellent original condition, never restored.
Too Late
  2003     ASTON MARTIN DB7 Vantage GTA
 * Limited Serie, 41 Copies L.H.D.
 * V12, 420 h.p.
 * Only 41 900 km, excellent condition.

€ 49.500
 Too late
1957    BENTLEY Continental S1 Park Ward
 * Continental Coupe are at the top of Classics Bentley
 * This Continental S1 Bodied by Park Ward is very rare    originaly delivered in l.h.d.
 *  Delivered new in Paris,  she has been restored at the  highest level.
€ 490.000
1991    BMW Z1  
 *  The Z1 is an extraordinary roadster, experimental, homologated, the most beautiful BMW, innovative and mythical.
 *  Very low mileage; at the wheel, you feel the singular feeling of driving a new car.
 *  Beautiful, in its color scheme, the most beautiful and sought after.
  Too late
1993  PORSCHE Carrera 2 Speedster  964
 *  Speedster are among the most iconic and coveted models by collectors and Porsche enthusiasts
 *  964 Speedster are very rare, only 936 were built less than 50% in European configuration.
 *  Cet exemplaire est magnificent car, showing only ,58 500 km.
€ 192.000
aston martin vantage x pack volante 1988    ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage X Pack Volante
 * The Vantage X Pack,
  is the last Classic Aston Martin. Very diferent than others V8, fitted with iconic
       V 580 X with 430 h.p. A legendary SuperCar.

 * One of the rarest Aston Martin,16 cars in the world in l.h.d.[ and Manual Gearbox ]   
 * Original 1570 km, incredibly well preserved, She is in an unsurpassed condition. Amazing new condition of origin this copy is undoubtedly the most beautiful existing in the world.
    JAGUAR XJ  220
 * A work of art, one of the most beautiful cars ever created, the fastest also, over 350 km / h.
 * 285 copies only built, this one, finished in midnight blue "Le Mans" has not traveled more than 1000 km.

€ 650 000
1999    BENTLEY Continental R Mulliner
 * Extreme refinement.
 * Only 85 units in left-hand drive, the engine of the T, wide body on standard wheelbase
  * About 40,000 km.
€ 105 000
1976   FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 
  * The most beautiful Ferrari 4 seater, an innovative line, masterful proportions, under the hood, the magnificent 4.4L V12 from the legendary GTB4 Daytona.
 * Only 525 copies.
 * The top of vintage cars, for an incredible price.
€ 115 000
2002    PORSCHE 996 GT2 Ruf

The GT2 are at the top of the 911, unique specimen bewitched by Ruf.
 * Complete history, perfect state.

€ 115 000
Dino 246 GTS 1972   FERRARI Dino 246 GTS 

 * One of the most Iconic Ferrari.
 * Fully restored.
 * "Ferrari Classiche"Certified
Too Late
1992 FERRARI Testarossa

 Eternal symbol of so many dreams of youth, today it is time perhaps to enjoy. All are not so beautiful.
 * Approximately 9,000 km. traveled.
 Too Late
1965   MERCEDES 300 SE Coupé
 * Among the Grands Coupés SEC, the 300 is unique and the most refined. Her pneumatic suspension she
share with the fabulous 600, its six-cylinder in-line engine of 3 liters, close to that of the 300 SL "Gullwing", its rarity
and the luxury of his finish place it well above the other versions.
 * Excellent original condition revised.
 * Pneumatic suspensions fully restored.

 Too Late
1964   MERCEDES 300 SE Coupé 
* The 300 SE is the most prestigious and rare Mercedes Grand Coupé of the Sixties.
 * Air suspension shared with the 600, motor close to that of the 300 SL "Gullwing"
 * Same owner for over thirty years, excellent condition
 Too Late
slr 2007    MERCEDES Mc.Laren SLR
 * The only Mercedes Supercar, designed and manufactured in collaboration with Mc.Laren
 * Phenomenal performances
 * Delivered new in France, only one owner.
 * Exceptional price.
 Too Late




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