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C O N C E S S I O N N A I R E     E X C L U S I F

New Hyper Car with 100% Italian blood

The V10-powered, 800 HP Pambufetti, built in Trevi, not far from Rome, takes its aerodynamic design from modern Formula One single-seaters. Breathing without a turbochatger, and no intrusive electronics, her essence is simply different : ultra-light, secretive, inventive, this automobile goes to very heart of automotive pleasure; she was created to provide direct and perfect harmony between her and the driver.

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 FERRARI  V12 : Nothing above

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A Classic Automobile, an architectural beauty to withstand time.

MERCEDES 300 SE Coupé 1968
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AUSTIN HEALEY 100/6  2 Seats

Pure pleasure

English classic of reference, the Healey is the safe bet of the genre; but depending on the year and the different models, not all are equal. The 100 / 6 cylinder, in two-seater version, spectacular and rare, is one of the most interesting and sought after.




This very beautiful example in a beautiful all-white color that suits it well, comes from the small collection of an enthusiast who liked to use it and therefore had it serviced regularly.


1959    -   2 Seats
Price : 65.500 €

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Special special configuration, finished to order, in the prestigious historical color "Oro Chiaro", this sublime Ferrari 550 Maranello steps out of the ranks, and takes the light like no other; preserved with great care, it is a dream specimen.

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BMW  Z1  (With hard top)

Historical interest, striking originality and perfect line: the incomparable Z 1

The Z1 is understandably increasingly coveted and a safe bet, but as always, making the right choice is paramount; faithful to our philosophy, we have selected one of the best examples available. This very beautiful Z1 begins its life at the BMW dealership in Monaco, it will receive its first registration in 1993 and has known few owners, its history with tracking of its mileage is complete.

This Our Car is accompanied by its very rare beautifully finished hard top; easy to fit and remove, it transforms the roadster into a Grand Touring car with still a line just perfect.


B M W   Z1 
(with hard top)

1993    -   66.500 km
Price : Too Late

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The Queens

In the 1960s/70s, car magazines presented them in a separate category: "Dream Cars". Sculpted like works of art, magic 300 km/h displayed on the speedometer, and signed by legendary names. Inaccessible, at the top they were three: Ferrari Daytona, Lamborghini Miura and Maserati Bora.

The Maserati Bora is the rarest of the three; Incredibly daring in terms of its style, its technical characteristics and ahead in terms of its driving pleasure, in all respects, it more than lives up to its rank and yet it is for the moment by far the most accessible. (Currently €600,000 for a Ferrari Daytona and well over a Million for a Lamborghini Miura P400.)




Price : 160.000 €


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Facellia  Coupé


The Facellia is the only Facel Vega equipped with a brand engine; the magnificent Short Cabin Coupé is extremely rare.

Jean Daninos had for Facel Vega, an aesthetic vision of the automobile, by creating his models as real works of art, an alchemy made of beauty, of suggested speed, sublimated by the passion for working metal. Only 48 of this Facellia Coupé model with a short cabin (but 2+2 all the same) were built, far fewer must still be in circulation today, and it is extremely rare to see any offered for sale.


A masterpiece of the French Automobile, powered by its 1600 cc double ACT coupled to the very pleasant Pont à Mousson gearbox. Few people know it, the beautiful 1600 cc twin-camshaft of the Facellia is derived from the Talbot-Lago 6-cylinder in-line 2.8-litre engine designed by Carlo Marchetti, the engineer to whom the resounding double of the Talbot T26 at Le Mans 1950 belongs. The pedigree of the Facellia engine is remarkable, showing that this elaborate mechanism was promising: in 1961 it confirmed its racing potential, winning its category at Monte-Carlo and the Tour de France.


The copy that we offer was sold new in November 1960 in the North of France, its history is known. She also has the nice distinction of being one of the stars of the French television series "Agatha Christie's Little Murders". The assembly of the Megalux front lights of the latest version of the model, gives it a more fluid line and close to that of the sublime Facel II. The previous owner had owned it for over thirty years, using it fairly regularly. It is still in very good condition today, showing the precious patina of a collector's car from the sixties. The Facel adventure was short but luminous and marked the history of the French Automobile. About two thousand nine hundred Facel Vega would have been built, all models combined. The Facel factories definitively closed their doors on October 31, 1964 after only ten years. This Facellia coupe is a great rarity, owning it in a collection will be a privilege.


Facellia  Coupé

Price :
too late

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Paris, departure at 6 a.m., for this trip to Cannes, as before, nothing has changed.

An incomparable charm, off the beaten track, the Mercedes Grand Coupés are a delight for connoisseurs. They were the automotive excellence of their time, emblematic of this golden age. Their elegance crosses time, like perfection, the quality of manufacture, the refinement of their mechanics, and their comfort surpassed the competition. Few classic automobiles can offer so many advantages with this authentic scent of yesteryear.

Different versions of these marvelous and extraordinarily beautiful automobiles were offered, but the 300 is unique and the most refined. Its air suspension, which it shares with the fabulous 600, its 3-litre six-cylinder in-line engine, close to that of the 300 SL "Gullwing", its rarity and the luxury of its finish place it well above the others. versions.

This 300 SEC that we offer is particularly exceptional, it is an extremely rare version with a mechanical gearbox, equipped with air conditioning and electric windows. This copy is one of the last four built and kept in the same family for forty years.

Car sculpture of the 20th century, one of the most beautiful Mercedes

ERCEDES  300 SE  Coupé
Price : POA

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Probably unique in the world 

This sublime and discreet Mercedes CL 500 Grand Coupé, from 2001, incredibly preserved in new condition, has only 1075 km.

Slowly go back in time, twenty years ago: elegance, softness of lines and refinement had not yet disappeared, we were still sheltered from the oppressive one-upmanship of "rechargeable hybridizations", "giant slabs", "signatures light" and other "technologies" it seems essential, which we will gladly leave to others, for our part. The Mercedes CL 500 is just a magnificent automobile, perfect to accompany on a daily basis or to travel the world, with distinction. This is the most beautiful that it is possible to acquire.


 Calm regained


Timeless model, twenty years old but only 1075 km, and preserved as new, a class apart, unique.

MERCEDES CL 500  2001

1075 km

Price : too late


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  FERRARI 550 Maranello too late

LOTUS Type 46 Europe / S1

BMW  Z1 avec Hard Top Too Late

 MERCEDES  300 SE Coupé

AUSTIN HEALEY 100/6 2 places


MERCEDES CL 500 *1000 km too late

 FACEL VEGA Facellia coupé too late

FORD MUSTANG 289 / 1965 too late


JIDE  1600 S Trop tard

FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 Trop tard

BMW Z1 14.000 km  Trop tard

COBRA ( Réplique ) Trop tard FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 Trop tard
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 ASTON MARTIN X Pack VolanteTrop tard


FERRARI 512 M 1995    Trop tard

ASTON MARTIN DB4 1960 Trop tard    BMW Z1 18 000 km  Trop tard 
 Contact  e-mail  MERCEDES 300 SEC 1964 Trop tard  
MERCEDES 300 SEC 1965  Trop tard


FERRARI 550 Maranello

Fabulous model

To succeed the Berlinetta Boxer, and the Testarossa, Ferrari changes partition, and masterfully rediscovers the twelve-cylinder V and the academic architecture of the engine positioned at the front. Pinnacle of the classic period, tremendously beautiful, ultra-efficient and easy at the same time, yet still significantly undervalued, the Ferrari 550 Maranello is currently an obvious choice. This is an ideal example, comparable to no other, extraordinary in its state of preservation, its off-catalogue color, on request, its special finishes, equipped with magnificent optional wheels, identical to those of the Barchetta spider version.

Pinnacle of the classic period, tremendously beautiful, ultra-efficient and easy at the same time, yet still significantly undervalued, the Ferrari 550 Maranello is currently an obvious choice. This is an ideal example, comparable to no other, extraordinary in its state of preservation, its off-catalogue color, on request, its special finishes, equipped with magnificent optional wheels, identical to those of the Barchetta spider version.


With the 550 Maranello Ferrari has rediscovered the architecture of the engine placed at the front for its sports car, after the interlude marked by the BBs, Testarossa and its evolutions, its V12 develops nearly 500 hp. (485 to 7,000 rpm), its 6-speed mechanical gearbox is a delight, with its legendary grille. This Ferrari could be ideal, a classic beauty with extreme performance. These qualities are and will be more and more those sought after by collectors and enlightened amateurs


Acquiring a very beautiful 550 Maranello today will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent choice, a sort of vintage vintage whose value is revealed over time, a masterpiece of accomplished classicism.

FERRARI 550 Maranello
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LOTUS Europe Type 46 / Série 1

In 1966, avant-garde and of pure beauty, the new Lotus Europe caused a sensation, it is still as extraordinary today.

This model is historically very important, since it is the very first central-engine road Lotus, its design is the result of countless victories in competition and inspired by the F1 of the Brand. Beyond its beauty, steering wheel in hand, ultralight (610 kg) and precise like a single-seater, it is a rediscovery of the pleasure of driving, a trip to the sixties. The Europe 1 Series, the lightest and fastest of all versions, is also extremely rare; around 500 Europe of the first Series were built, most of them have disappeared, or have been transformed, very few have survived in their integrity. But this car is a wonderful exception: perfectly maintained and preserved, it has survived time without a hitch. Our beautiful, restored copy is still equipped with its original engine [completely refurbished as well as the gearbox].


 LOTUS Europe Type 46 / Série 1
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Ford Mustang 1965, the one we like

The very first Mustang, which victoriously challenged Bernard Consten's Jaguar MK2 on the legendary Tour de France, 1964, (the real one), until then untouchable, the one also which won the Palme d'Or by playing the stars at the Cannes Film Festival in a famous movie. This original, iconic Coupe model powered by the 4.7 L (289 ci) V8 is our favorite.


FORD Mustang V8 4.7 L


Prix : too late


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